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St.Paul's · Advanced · Studies · Program

The memories live for ever...the best summer school ever.

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Hey! I'm Jenn from Goffstown. I went to ASP during the 2005 session. I was in MANVILLE and I took Law&Gov with R.F. Davis and Writing Workshop with Foster.

I also was a part of the ASP crew team as a coxswain.

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Hi there. Beth Walsh, Psychology, ASP 2004, Coit North. "PSYCHO4ASP"... "She's from North...OW!...House..." Kenneth Bell for Psych. An amazing guy; doesn't teach there anymore. He got a job in Chicago and moved there with his daughter, and it was apparently too much to get back here every summer. Oh, and Kuhio for Writing Workshop, with Susan as an intern. And if anyone cares, volleyball both times for a sport. Even though I had chosen softball...no one liked softball or baseball that year. I miss ASP so much!

Oh, and I'm now a freshman at Rutgers, The State University of New Brunswick, attending the Mason Gross School of the Arts to be a stage manager. And to copy the girl before me, I'm wearing my St. Paul's hoodie, too! And I have my duck nearby...

Also was in the sign language club. If there wasn't one in ASP 2005, that was a great time. One of the interns knew a lot, and we performed at the talent show at the end of the summer.

Does anyone know Matt Veves or Kendra Levesque? They go to my old high school (Alvirne High, in Hudson), and were in ASP 2005.
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Hiii! I'm Laura McKenna, ASP'01. Forbidden Fictions with Steve Mirarchi, Writing Jerkshop with Kuhio and Deb. Lived in Warren. Agreed, ASP was the best summer ever. Currently a senior at Ithaca College, advertising major, women's studies minor. If you can believe it, I'm actually wearig my St Paul's hoodie today. What are the odds, right?
(There are two other ASP'01ers here at IC, Anne Hodder (a fellow Warren Lady), and Matt Millson (Drutang Clan). Both were in Mass Media.)
To all you ASP'05s, GOOD LUCK with your senior year, and GOOD LUCK with college applications!!
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Hello there-

My name's Sarah, and I consider ASP the best summer experience evaaaaaaaaah...
I was in marine biology, (periwinkles = teh hottness) and in the lovely NASH dorm! (Nash is bananas)
Let's see- writing workshop with Kuhio Walters and Jamie-Lee, and I was also in the a capella group, faking reading music and having a lovely time.

So yeah...ASP is amazing, I miss all you smart kids, and I hope more join this community...



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Why are there not more people in this community? ASP is quite definitely the most amazing thing ever. Anyway...

International Terrorism
Nash House
Ultimate Frisbee/Personal Fitness
T2 Writing with Solter and MAX :-P


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